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    Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

    My experience with Cristina Dougherty is second to none. Three years ago, a friend of mine recommended her to me. I wanted to sell my home and had set up meetings with 2 different realtors so I could decide which one I would like to work with. The 1st realtor came over. My husband wanted $50,000 more for our house than our house was worth or what the comps in our area were going for. The realtor said of course and agreed with everything either of us said. She left then Cristina arrived. My husband said the same thing. Cristina said, I just have to be honest with you. I can list your house for that price if you want, but compared to comps, there were so many more homes in our area that offered much more than our home. It was going to be a very long road if we went that route. I needed to move, and needed to sell my home. I had only been in my home for 2 years so there was no profit to be made. I so appreciated Cristina for the honest feedback. That is what made me decide to use her as my agent. We settled on what we would sell the home for, got it in shape, and within 10 days on the market…my home was sold. My husband had major health issues and Cristina’s efforts minimized our inconvenience of selling a home and she made us feel like we were her only clients. I promised myself that day if I ever was going to purchase a new home, I was going to find her for sure. Three years later, I recontacted Cristina so I could purchase a home. I contacted her, we met, caught up and discussed what I was looking for. She told me she was going to be out of town for the next couple weeks but she set up email notices for me to be alerted when a new home came onto the market. I guess you could say I don’t wait around too much so as the emails started to come in, I was getting excited. So much so that the first weekend, I wanted to look at a home. Cristina was not available (across the country) but she had someone show me a home. She was always available for me via text no matter where she was. My daughter and I wanted to look at another house the next day. We really liked the house. I texted her and said I wanted to put a bid on the place! Cristina rallied her troops, they worked feverishly and got my offer in that night. She texted me in a couple days letting me know I did not get the house. I continued to monitor the emails with new houses and the following weekend I saw a house that spoke to me. Despite flying back into town the night before, Cristina took me to the house. I walked in and knew immediately – this is it!!! This is my house!!! I felt it, I believed it, and Cristina worked her realtor magic…She put in my bid and negotiated for me as if I was a family member. Cristina’s expertise, professionalism, honesty, and undeniable dedication to her client helped me obtain the home of my dreams. I have recommended her to everyone I know looking for a home. I cannot express how grateful I am to have had her represent me as a seller and as a buyer. She got me what I wanted!


    Cristina is simply, in one word… AMAZING! She made the entire process of selling our home one of the smoothest experiences ever. She helped us find skilled contractors to do necessary repairs, helped us stage the house, and brought interested & qualified buyers in, getting us top dollar… all with a smile on her face. The team behind her is just as wonderful! I can’t begin to give enough praise – she is a superstar!


    Cristina could not have been more knowledgeable or responsive. I give her my highest recommendation. You can trust her. I would use her again in a heartbeat. She is a consummate professional.


    Cristina set high expectations and met them when she sold our home quickly. Working with her was a pleasure- she instilled confidence with her professionalism and her experience of achievement. Her entire team was available for support, and Cristina was always the first point of contact. I highly recommend Cristina for your home sale experience.


    Cristina was amazing! Being a first time seller she walked me through every step and always made herself available for any questions/concerns that came up. Cristina was very professional but also made you feel like a friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling their home!


    Cristina is AMAZING. It took us several years before we were actually able to purchase our first home. She was so patient and always met with us to review our eligibility. When we were ready and finally started looking we were happy to have her. As first time home buyers we were nervous and a bit overwhelmed, but not for long! Cristina is an excellent communicator and honest. We actually almost walked out of the house we ended up buying. The home had a terrible smoke smell. She assured us the smell could be removed so we continued through the home. It was great to have her knowledge and expertise as we were walking through the home. In the end we got a great deal on a desirable neighborhood that is perfect for us. I felt like she really fought for us and made sure the house we bought was perfect for us and our situation. I would recommend her to anyone.


    Cristina was absolutely one of the best people I’ve ever worked with, in any field, not just real estate. She was so patient and responsive with us during our househunting process. I probably sent her over a hundred different listings and she looked through every single one and went through them with me. And when we found our forever home, she was so knowledgeable about the process and stayed in constant contact. (even months later when we still need her advice) I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!


    Oh my goodness, it spans over ten years. She is just amazing. I’ve had, for some reason, a knack for buying homes that are difficult to sell. I bought a 2 bedroom townhouse. I bought a very, very small single family further out and then an even smaller single family, only 1000 sq. ft. closer to the city. One house I sold at a holiday time of year and she sold it very quickly. Another, like I said was just difficult to sell because of the size of the home. She just somehow gets it all done. Everything that I need to do to prepare to sell, she helps me with. The last house I sold had some problems, it was a flipped property. Even after the house was sold and the deal was done she actually saved me on that. She told me to contact the city and how to get the problem taken care of without me having to pay for it. They were able to get the previous contractor to come back and fix the problem. I could go on and on. She’s there for any issue or any problem. I’ve moved now, across country, and if I ever do move back she would be the first one I contact. I think her strength is she’s great to work with, once you work with her you never want to let her go. She’s incredibly competent and tech savvy. She’s always up on the latest ways to advertise a home. I just couldn’t recommend her any more highly, she’s just terrific. I miss working with her.


    I had a great experience working with Cristina. My husband and I were buying our first home and not having purchased a home before there were a lot of unknown areas to us. What should have been a very stressful experience went very smoothly as soon as we got in contact with Cristina. She’s very knowledgeable, very helpful, and inquisitive. All of those characteristics provided a phenomenal experience. We had one particular incident where we were at closing and we had a bit of a hiccup with our inspection and Cristina just took it into her own hands. She took complete control over the situation and made it not an issue. Although it was one, we did not feel it at all!


    We recently worked with Cristina to sell our house. She was absolutely amazing. We began the process while living overseas, but finished after moving back. She provided excellent support throughout the entire process. Cristina responded to us quickly from the beginning. She did excellent research on our house and those around. She kept up to date on the selling of houses in our community. Cristina has great people skills and has developed good relationships with everyone involved in the process, from contractors who can repair anything in the house all the way to the title companies. She helped ensure that we were able to have the house ready for listing, recommended the right process and helped us get through the process quickly. We strongly believe that we were able to sell our house quickly (5 weeks from listing to handover) and at asking price because of Cristina. If I were to buy or sell a house in the area again, she is the only real estate I would want to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


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