What Will It Cost

Out Of Pocket

Earnest Money Deposit- this money is “good faith money” you submit when writing an offer. This money is held by your buyer agents company is a non-interest bearing account. This money is at risk when all contract contingencies expire.

Home Inspection/Radon Inspection fees- this money is paid at the time of the inspection to the inspectors. Inspection fees are based on square footage of homes, and can range from $300-$500 or more. Radon tests range from $110-$140.

Appraisal Fees- These fees are paid to the lending company and are paid to the appraisal company. There are different fee structures depending on your financing.

  • VA: $450
  • FHA & Conventional: Fees based on purchase price....
    • $0-$500k  =   $475.00 CONV,  $525 FHA
    • $500,000.01-1,000,000  =   $577.00 CONV,   $627 FHA
    • $1,000,000.01+  =   $827.00 CONV,  $877 FHA

All other fees related to the home buying process are reflected on the Alta closing disclosure. I will create an “estimated purchasers net sheet” for you and you will receive a good faith worksheet from your lender.