What It Will Cost

    Out of Pocket

    Earnest Money Deposit– this money is “good faith money” you submit when writing an offer. This money is held by your buyer agents company is a non-interest bearing account. This money is at risk when all contract contingencies expire.

    Home Inspection/Radon Inspection fees– this money is paid at the time of the inspection to the inspectors. Inspection fees are based on square footage of homes, and can range from $300-$500 or more. Radon tests range from $110-$140.

    Appraisal Fees– These fees are paid to the lending company and are paid to the appraisal company. There are different fee structures depending on your financing.

    • VA: $450

    • FHA & Conventional: Fees based on purchase price….

      • $0-$500k = $475.00 CONV, $525 FHA

      • $500,000.01-1,000,000 = $577.00 CONV, $627 FHA

      • $1,000,000.01+ = $827.00 CONV, $877 FHA

    All other fees related to the home buying process are reflected on the Alta closing disclosure. I will create an “estimated purchasers net sheet” for you and you will receive a good faith worksheet from your lender.

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