Your House (and Wallet) Will Thank You for Doing These 4 Homework Assignments

Don’t you love getting homework assignments when you’re not in school anymore? Well, probably not, but just like back in school, there are certain important things homeowners often forget to do. Here are four ideas homeowners should take home with them to think about:


1. Seal your stone countertops. If you have granite or other stone countertops, you need to wash them and apply a sealer for 15 minutes, then wipe it off. This will prevent stains, oils, and such from seeping into the porous surfaces, which would otherwise make your stone surfaces harder to clean and dirtier to look at.


2. Reseal your tile grout. You probably don’t think of it often, but bacteria, fungi, and stains can often get in your grout. You can tell if your grout needs to be resealed if water that drips on it doesn’t bead up.


3. Clean out your dryer duct. This should be done at least once a year; dryer lint is one of the primary causes of house fires, and buildup can cause your machine to run less efficiently.


4. Recaulk your home’s exterior. This should be done every one to two years, or two to three years if you use a high-level caulk. Recaulk around windows, doors, and other areas that lead into your home. This will prevent water, pests, and other natural elements from seeping into your home and causing damage.


“You can tell if your grout needs to be resealed if water that drips on it doesn’t bead up.”

See? These assignments aren’t too bad—and getting them done sooner than later will help keep your home in great condition, no matter if you plan to stay there for life or if you plan to sell it someday.

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