Take Care of These Home Inspection Issues Before They Become a Problem

Here are the top potential home inspection issues you need to look for before putting your home on the market:

  • Wood rot or deteriorating siding: This is a very common issue, so take a walk around your house and check for any rotting wood or deteriorating siding. If you see symptoms of this, get it fixed and save yourself a lot of grief down the road.
  • Missing ground fault circuit interrupters: If you’ve recently renovated your kitchen or bathrooms, you’re going to need these, so get them installed.
  • Dead light bulbs: Check to make sure there aren’t any lights that need a new bulb so that you don’t have to prove later on that the outlet next to that light isn’t dead.
  • Loose toilet base: A toilet base should not be moveable. If it is, that means it needs to be pulled off, reset, and reinstalled.

“Hopefully, checking for these items will help you have an issue-free home inspection.”

  • Debris-filled gutters: Clean gutters make buyers feel like you’re doing a good job maintaining your home.
  • Downspout extensions: You want water to flow away from your home, so buy some downspout extensions for it and make sure that it does.
  • Auto-reverse capability for your garage door(s): Your garage door should have a system installed where it can auto-reverse when it’s closing if it detects an object in its path or meets some kind of resistance.
  • Electrical outlet coverings: You need to make sure all of your unused outlets are covered so the home is safer.
  • An oven anti-tip device: If your oven doesn’t have an anti-tip device, you can simply call its manufacturer and they’ll send you one for free.

Hopefully, checking for these items will help you have an issue-free home inspection and make your buyer feel safe and secure in the home they’re buying.

Remember, if you ever have any real estate questions or you’re thinking of buying or selling a home soon, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be glad to help you.

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