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Do You Have Water and Sewer Line Insurance?


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If you don’t have water and sewer line insurance, you need to get it from Dominion Power. 

You may be thinking, “Why is she talking about Dominion Power? They do my electricity.” It may seem confusing, but Dominion Power is the company that holds the insurance for water and sewer lines. 

You may have heard neighbors talking about getting insurance for water and sewer lines, especially after this horrendous weather we’ve had. A lot of pipes were freezing and water meters were freezing, so you should definitely get water and sewer line insurance. 

"$15 a month in insurance payments can save you from up to $5,000 in repair costs."

After you sign up for the insurance, there is a 30-day wait period. The water insurance is $4.99 a month, and the sewer line is $5.99 a month. You can add restoration to both of those for $1.99 a month.

If you get both types of insurance, an extra $15 a month gets tacked on to the electric bill. This insurance has really saved a lot of folks from expensive repairs. 

Before we bought our house, the water line broke and the previous owners had to pay $5,000 to repair it. We still carry the insurance. Just because the water line has been replaced doesn’t mean that there won’t be an issue again. 

This insurance is only $15 a month, so it’s worth it to set it up. You won’t regret it. 

Go to for more information. As always, you can give me a call with any real estate questions you might have. I would be happy to help you!



What Can Your Child Learn at Primrose School of Chantilly?


In the latest edition of Fairfax Fridays, we were able to take a tour of Primrose School of Chantilly and visit with Kathy Sheanh, the school’s owner. 

Primrose has been open for a little over a year and offers before and after school care for a little over 100 students, ages six weeks to 12 years. It features four different playgrounds, a garden, and their own chef. We were able to witness this facility being built and we can attest to what a beautiful stone building it sits inside of.

One of the things Kathy hears the most from both the staff and the children’s families is how warm and welcoming the school can be. “All of our staff are amazing,” she says. “They love children, and they’re passionate about teaching the Primrose curriculum. We have an amazing curriculum that we’re really proud of.”

According to Kathy, Primrose partners with experts from many different child-related fields to produce what they call “The Balanced Learning Curriculum,” where children learn seven different learning domains, including literacy, science, numbers, social studies, etc. 

One of Kathy’s favorite things to teach, though, is character development. An example of this is reflected in their Caring and Giving Food Drive. All their classrooms have been busy collecting canned goods and other non-perishable goods for families in need in Fairfax County.

Kathy’s most important tip for anyone looking to place a child in preschool or daycare is to find a place that gives you peace of mind. You want the child to have a good experience, and you want to know what the teachers love about the school and what they love teaching. What they love teaching is what your child will love as well. 

Kathy’s own daughter attends Primrose, so she’s been able to see firsthand the results her school has been able to produce. Kathy is a neighbor and a client of ours, and she’s created an amazing business. 

"What teachers love teaching is what your child will love as well."

If you take a tour of Primrose and mention “Get Keyed Up,” you’ll receive a free special gift for your family. Now that our tour is over, we’re going to enjoy some special Primrose pumpkin bread!

Visit to learn more or schedule a tour for your family. If you have any real estate questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you. 




5 Reasons That You Shouldn't Wait to List Your Home


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Today, let’s discuss why it is that you shouldn’t wait until after the winter to list your home. I have five reasons why I think this season can be a great time to sell.

1. There is less inventory, which means your home will get more attention. We have a listing that went live yesterday and we’ve had eight to 10 showings per day since. Most people don’t put their homes on the market during the holidays.

2. Many companies relocate their employees during the first quarter. In January, February, and March, those employees are hunting for houses. It just makes sense to ensure that your house is seen by them.

"The folks that are out there looking for homes now in the chilly weather are serious homebuyers."

3. Your agent will be locked in. They can give you all the attention you need because come spring, we all get spread a little thin.

4. Hopefully, we’ll get more snow, which means less attention is paid to your landscaping. All you need to do is make sure your walkway is shoveled and safe. You won’t have to worry about new mulch, flowers, or having perfect landscaping.

5. You’ll get more serious buyers to cross your threshold and fewer looky-loos. The folks that are out there looking for homes now in the chilly weather are serious homebuyers, especially given that rates are going up.

If you have any questions about this or other topics, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d be glad to help you. Otherwise, keep following our blog to receive tips and advice about your home buying or selling needs.



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