5 Things You Should Be Doing in Your Home (But Probably Aren’t)

As homeowners, most of us realize there are many more home maintenance tasks we should be doing than we actually are. Today, let’s review just five of the most commonly forgotten tasks:


1. Clean the aerators in your faucets. When was the last time you unscrewed your aerators and soaked them in vinegar? If you can’t recall a time when you’ve done this, now is the time to go do it. Doing so will keep your water pressure strong and keep hard water buildup at bay.

2. Clean the bathroom fans. Next time you are in your bathroom, look up at the fan that is on. It naturally picks up dust. If the bathroom fan is clogged, it cannot do its job.

3. Vacuum your mattress. Allergens, dead skin, dust mites, and other unpleasantries tend to build up in our mattresses over time. Therefore, taking a vacuum to yours will literally help you rest easier at night.


“Taking a vacuum to your mattress will literally help you rest easier at night.”


4. Clean your weep holes. Weep holes, which are the little gaps in brick walls and in window sills, are designed to let moisture escape. Never caulk these holes closed, and definitely make sure to clean them periodically.

5. Start a “homebuyer’s journal.” A homebuyer’s journal is essentially a detailed account made by the homeowner for the benefit of a future buyer. Most people don’t memorize the exact paint colors they used on their walls, for example, so recording such information in this journal will be very helpful later on.

Keep track of how old your appliances are. Time flies, so while it may seem like you got that hot water heater in your basement just three years ago, it may very well have actually been eight. Having a written record of when you got each appliance is a good idea for any homeowner.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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