3 Helpful Apps for Everyone

Thank you for joining us today on this rainy autumn day at Starbucks! We’re going to take a break from real estate today and discuss our favorite smartphone apps that can help us with our busy lives!

Paula’s favorite app is quite appropriate because it’s the Starbucks app. She can get her daughter and herself breakfast before they leave in the morning when they’re scrambling around and don’t have time to make anything. She’ll order food, and when they’re on their way, they’ll swing by and pick it up, and it works wonderfully.

Amy’s app also relates to her children and family. Her favorite app is Life360. Her children, husband, and even her mother have it on their phones so she can know where they are at all times for safety. On the holidays they do entertaining holiday themes, so it’s a little fun too.

Finally, my (Christina’s) favorite app is Evernote. I use Evernote on my desktop as well as my phone. So, for example, if Amy tells me her favorite cleaning crew for homes or if Paula recommends a book, I just type it into Evernote and no matter where I am I can access it. Also, if one of them emails and asks for the number of the irrigation company I like, for example, I can send it right over. I can also share it with others so they can view it too.

Thank you for joining us for some pleasant conversation today! If you have any questions about real estate, you can always reach out to us by phone or email. We would love to help you. We promise we won’t be too excited about our apps to get back to you!


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